Why Keyword Research Will Always Be Important? (2019)

Why Keyword Research Will Always Be Important? (2019)

For every of our write-ups, having known what to write about, the next most important thing to do afterward is to go on series of research on the keywords to use. Intensive research helps us to narrow down on keywords that are getting hits on search engines. There are a number of online tools that could help with keyword research, some of which I’ll be discussing with us in this write-up.

One of the reasons why pages do not rank so high on search engines, is mostly due to the type of keywords in use, long tail? short tail? , you just must know how to use your keywords. A lot of folks tend to see keyword research and implementation as something too complicated,

But no,

it’s very simple, both your keywords research and implementation should not take more than 60 seconds if you have the appropriate tools at your disposal. Just take a deep look at this, the internet is the fastest and the  most effective means through which you can you can penetrate and pass any information to approximately  50% of the global population, that’s approximately 3.77 billion people, if you have the access to pass your information to just 10% of this population, then you wouldn’t have to worry so much about how to grow your brand, but then here is the bigger question , how do I gain access to pass down information and market my brand to this 10% population of the world active global internet users?

Keywords can ultimately help you hit this target and am going to be showing us how to get this done in this article.

Keyword Research is the driving force behind Digital marketing

If by now we do not know the importance of keyword research we shouldn’t be expecting tons of traffic or sales. One of the most important factors we need to consider while doing keyword research is the user intent, we have to put ourselves in the position of some looking for answers to questions.

Let’s consider the word ‘marketing’, when you punch this word on Google you get to see different pages pop out, that’s fine, but then the likely hood of users searching for the word marketing is very low because it’s more or less like a general information as compared to when users search for long tail key phrases such as ‘what is digital marketing?.

Having known the keyword to use in our write-up, we just have to sit down and think about how to narrow it down more a little bit to what users are going to be looking for online that will be related to that particular keyword.

Keyword Research unravels hidden opportunities

We may keep on blogging and posting contents from now until the end of the world, but without a focus on a keyword research, we may find ourselves lost in the crowd. Let’s consider a young aspiring digital marketer lurking for a career in digital marketing, then he decided to kick-start his/her career by blogging and helping people around the world on how to uncover the miseries and hidden truth in digital marketing, fine, it’s a very nice and wonderful idea, but then, he/she must come to the realization of how saturated that area is when it comes to digital marketing, we have guys like Neil Patel, entreprenuer.com, and   wordstream.com who ranks so high on search engines  primarily for any keyword related to digital marketing, it might take years to out rank this guy on search engines if there is no focus on keyword research.

Keyword research gives you edge over your competitors as there are keywords that could drive you tons of result in just a little time frame if properly researched this usually happens because such keywords or key phrases receive a huge amount of traffic coupled with lesser competition, you just have to find that keyword.

Keyword research helps us to know the keyword we rank for

One of the best approaches to keyword research is to have an insight on the keywords we already rank for. Thanks to SMErush, it is one of my favourite tool for keyword research, this online web tool gives insights on how we rank on chosen keywords, it also gives insight on how we compete on a particular keyword, to top it all, it comes with a 14 days trial which gives the flexibility to download and use for free. Also there are some other software and tools that could help us with our keyword research, some of which are listed below.

Important Keywords Research tool


Am a huge fan of SMErush, but if am asked to pick any other online keyword research tool, I’ll rather go for Ahrefs.This tool helps us to automatically know the keywords we are ranking for, and it also gives insights on who we are competing with for those keywords. Also with Ahrefs, we can narrow down search on our ranking based to any location or country.


This is also one of my favourite keyword research tools, it comes with a great user interface, with this tool we could track any keyword position for our domain, it could also help to us narrow down keyword rank based to location just and device, unlike SMErush that could only narrow down to keywords based on location.

Google Rank Checker

Google rank checker is an excellent online tool that helps track the position we are in a Google search.  With Google rank Checker we can also narrow down our keyword research to any location or country in the word.

SERP’s Keyword Rank Checker

This is also an awesome keyword research tool, this tool goes beyond giving insight on how we rank on search engine, it gives the information such as search volume data and CPC for any selected keyword or key phrases just to mention a few. Click here to check it out.

I do hope we all have seen the importance and the need to go on extensive keyword research before embarking on content any writing as Neil Patel will always say, Content will always win’

Hope this information was useful for you. We will keep coming up with more valuable content.
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Thank you so much for your time.

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