The Ultimate Guide to Branding with Alexa Apps

Ultimate guide to sonic branding with Alexa apps

Marketing teams are already well versed with the concept of SEO and all that pertains to use of high-quality links, search engines, and keywords. Various research reports have revealed that about 27 percent of the consumers prefer the use of voice search with mobile devices with many showing interests in having the voice-based assistant right in their homes. Amazon Alexa has a voice-enabled interface that provides users with new ways of interacting with their home devices.

Virtual assistants are gradually becoming commonplace within the homes with millions using Alexa enabled devices. Alexa skills is a cloud-based voice service that’s exclusive to Amazon. The app has greatly skyrocketed in popularity and is fast changing how marketing and branding are done as it enables brands to build capabilities in the form of voice. Amazon has extended Alexa skills API to the developers and that makes it possible for businesses and developers to build Alexa skills which are actually third-party apps that utilize the amazing capabilities of Alexa app.

Alexa skills store has been estimated by analysts to become a 10 billion dollar industry by the year 2020 and that creates a huge opportunity for businesses that choose to get on board now as they get to build as Alexa skills grow. Through the use of the app, anyone can build an experience that’s powered by voice command for their audience. Brands can provide their audience with industry-specific information right when the users ask for it or even play a game.

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Why Building an Alexa App can Transform your Business

Top marketers are making use of Alexa skills to connect with their audience by the provision of tips, industry news and other vital information. One of the best reasons for considering building an Alexa app for your business is due to the fact that the market is still small and with fewer players it provides room for failing early and with less repercussion to the bottom line however one should consider developing multiple skills before engaging the customers.

Developing useful and effective Alexa skill that meets customer needs provides an effective way of supporting the mission of the business. If in case you are considering entering the voice market then Alexa provides a great starting point and all you require is a little help so as to get started. Voice-enabled services are actually the future and companies that get to expose themselves to the app at this level also create an avenue for great business opportunities. If you intend to take your branding to the next level then consider embracing Alexa skills for voice branding.

Alexa voice app has become the premier platform that’s used by consumers for interaction and companies as well are also using the voice app to transform their businesses through voice branding and delivery of better customer services. Amazon is enhancing their market share by making it possible for businesses to create skills for Alexa. The skills are created mostly by developers as well as businesses just like the apps and that empowers Alexa to carry out a wide range of functions.

There are tasks that can be time-consuming for a company and use of Alexa skills for voice branding helps with getting more work done within the shortest time possible. The intelligent assistant can be used to coordinate meetings and manage schedules. That makes it easy not to miss on important appointments. Alexa app can also be used for making calls where Alexa makes with use of just a name, providing business intelligence, tracking time, and keeping up with Google analytics, providing marketing tips, sending texts and other range of skills tasks.

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Alexa Skills Overview

Alexa can perform a number of tasks such as streaming music, ordering of items from Amazon alongside other tasks. There is also a whole range of third-party skills that can be built using Alexa app and such enhances the immense capabilities of the app. To discover the skills available in the app, a skill known as skill finder is used and all that one has to do to launch the finder is to mention the word Alexa, open skill finder and the app gets launched. You can then direct Alexa to find the skill you are looking out for.

There are tons of skills that come with the Echo devices while some might be fun there are those that are extremely useful. While Alexa app can use thousands of skills that are available, there are things that one should be aware of;

– It’s important to note that not all of the skills are developed by Amazon. Developers have the ability to write and also publish their own skills which are then made available to users through the app.

– An average Alexa app user can develop own skills with the help of Alexa Blueprints Portal. There are however skills that may require additional hardware so engaging an experienced developer for can be helpful.

Some of Alexa Skills that are available for users include;

Entertainment and humor related skills

These Alexa skills will keep the users entertained for endless hours and all that one need to do is to have in mind the type of entertainment that they want then ask for it.

Useful news, weather and traffic skills

Just by asking Alexa what’s the weather; you will get the current weather conditions within your area. You may also get flash briefings that include dozens of wide-ranging topics and the latest headlines.

Books, music and podcast skills

Alexa enabled devices can also be used to listen to favorite audio books and songs. There are also a huge number of podcasts that are available and can be accessed as Alexa skills. Commands such as Alexa pause, Alexa restart or Alexa resume can be used to navigate the books and songs needed.

Reference and educational skills

These Alexa skills are mainly created to stir the user’s curiosity and also keep them sharp. There is a wide range of educational tips and references that are available with these skills.

Health and wellness skills

These Alexa skills have been designed to help users live a life that’s healthy both physically and mentally. Whether it’s playing relaxing sound as you meditate, provision of helpful health-related suggestion or a recommendation of exercises that one may need; health and wellness skills are a great preference.

Marketing and Branding Guidelines with Alexa Apps

As a company, it’s nearly impossible to listen to all of the customers and be able to respond to their needs but Alexa can and many businesses are using voice assistants to engage their customers effectively. With thousands using Alexa skills to get answers by just asking questions, businesses stand to benefit a lot by building Alexa skills. All that a company needs to do is to create skills that voice users will find to be genuinely resourceful.

While the voice search continues to grow and improve, one of the best ways of getting before the potential customers through the use of these devices is by using Alexa skills base. An Alexa skill is the equivalent of the smart home device and the skills can be enabled manually or through speaking a command to Alexa. Amazon has over 76% of the market share so businesses can greatly benefit as they build Alexa skills. Skills can be created that meet any type of intent that businesses are interested in.

Staying ahead of the curve is something that many businesses focus on and considering the exponential growth that has been witnessed with Alexa skills app and other voice assistants, those who seize the opportunity now are more likely to beat their competitors with Alexa’s skills market. As the value of creating Alexa skills is beginning to capture the attention of Alexa users, it’s the best time to start a conversation with users that may in turn transition into a relationship.

For example, if a company offers a pay-per-service business model, Alexa skill can bring out a lite version of what you are offering while also promoting full subscription for full access to your services.

The skill that you get to create should not only add value to the user but you should also use your brand to promote goodwill. Consumers are always in the know when a brand is not delivering value. Ensure that you have a purpose for the skills that you are creating.

With many brands considering creating Alexa skills and entering the space, the placement of skills is something that may be bound for monetization. Going by what has been taking place in the industry; there are likely to be easy ways that voice users can use to make purchases through skills, there may be payment required for skills placement on the or skill SERP. Don’t wait for too long before you start considering whether Alexa skills for voice branding is for you; you may end up missing out on the immense opportunities that the platform comes with.

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How Sonic and Audio Branding helps with Business Growth

Sound is known to stir a range of feelings and emotions and can in a great way impact on one’s mood and the actions they engage in. Music and sounds mean a lot to the business brands as brands have been known to use music or signature sounds as a way of expressing their brand identity. Audio or sonic branding entails the use of a musical signature or sound that consumers can associate with your brand easily.

Businesses and brands tend to place a high value on audio or sonic branding and a number of benefits have been associated with engaging in the type of branding such as;

Creates a memorable brand identity

Sonic or audio branding can be used to create a memorable brand identity. Use of original music in advertising is far much important and memorable than the use of recordings of popular songs. Brands can, therefore, use audio branding as a way of helping customers to remember their brand regardless of when or where they get to encounter the music.

Boosts brand loyalty

When a brand chooses music that fits the brads values it can in a great way impact on how consumers feel about the brand and that may, in turn, enhance customer loyalty to the brand.

Elicits specific emotions in people

Audio or sonic branding can in a great way to help brands to induce specific emotions in customers. The sound then impacts on the people’s moods when they are at retail settings. Audio branding can also impact on the people’s willingness to pay for the desired services.

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