1. How much SEO service cost?

With us, it will cost you as less as 149$* at very minimum. We have a package for everyone, for every business. Talk to us today to get a specific quotation for your website.

2. How to do voice search optimisation?

Well, we are here to take care of that. Alexa, Siri, Ok Google and other systems are taking over the world of “searching” and it’s time that you get your site optimised with the best of voice search tactics.

3. Is my site voice search compatible?

Probably not! Well, we would love to dig deep in your website and see if it’s missing the right content, keywords and plugins required for voice search optimisation. Write to us today and let us fix it all.

4. Which domain provider is best?

There are many affordable ones in the market but we highly recommend you to go with Namecheap, Godaddy, Bluehost and Hostgator on top of others available ones.

6. Why voice search optimisation is important?

Voice is the fastest growing form of search pattern in current world scenario. Around 55% of teens & 44% of adults are using voice search in the form of Siri, Cortana, Alexa & Google Home to ask a query. By using voice search optimisation business owners can easily answer all the queries that in-turn increase traffic to their websites and enhances their brand’s presence.

Got your queries answered?

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