Onset & Evolution Of Voice Searches

Evolution of voice searches and voice search optimisation

When it comes to new and emerging tech, the ease of mobile communication has reached an amazingly advanced level where voice searches and assistants have become nothing short of the minimum accepted standards and the innovation behind it still baffles many. With intuitive and interactive artificial intelligence it’s not just handy but also exciting to have human like assistant with a more natural ability to hold a conversation as well as the ability to get minor work done such as navigation and even optimize on the functionalities of your device.

When mobile phones came into the picture around the mid-seventies, no one expected them to make such remarkable impact in voice search optimization, from the very onset, the mere ability to make a phone call was widely revered and marvelled many, at no point did the inventors of this remarkable device expect it to advance to a point where it actually takes it voice commands through voice assistants. The ever advancing and cutting edge of the mobile phone has been both exciting and fascinating.  With rapid advancements being made in the fields of artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and machine leaning we have been able to see new and remarkable breakthrough in the mobile phones.

When it comes to the field of voice assistants many smart phone brands and companies have been in constant competition to outdo each other for the top spot on the most efficient voice searches & assistant. Ranging from google assistant, Siri for the iPhone and Cortana for windows phone among others. They have made tremendous progress, from having a barely responsive, very static and somewhat robotic feel to a more refined human like interface that is able to give good insight as we are able to converse almost naturally and so many functionalities can be carried out using the voice assistant. 

Despite the fact that they were in existence it’s only until recently that the technological advancements have made this technology efficient. Previously it was faulty in the sense that it could not extract information from a given accent , which people would consider biased as well as shedding negative light on this form of tech, the speech to text was equally flawed where it would end up typing something completely unrelated to the uttered words. These draw backs and the sense that it was not as essential for daily use  made it far less applicable to daily life and there was less enthusiasm in its adoption . This was the case up until rapid advancement in computational power and processors that incorporating artificial intelligence and to be more specific, machine learning and neural nets become a viable option. With this it meant that they models could be trained and the approach towards voice recognition software could actually be revisited and explored.  And as a result of this so many vice recognition based startups have sprung up as well as voice aided functionalities. Big companies the likes of google went on to take this newly emerged form of technology to promote features not just in form of mobile phone assistants but also as Amazon Alexa as well as the google home module, this has by in all means been nothing short of a success journey and a triumph in human civilization and perhaps the onset of a new era.

So despite the rapid and ground breaking advancements having been made in this field of voice assistant it would be good to analyze its nature and see more of what it entails. Some of the challenges we are currently facing and we’ll likely be facing over the next few years. Most notably being the addition of another layer of fragmentation, as it happens when a new form of technology emerges there is really no central place of language or form of agreed mode of interaction and communication. So many companies have sprung up all in a bid to outdo each other, in as much as the competition is meant to be healthy and work in favor of the end consumer, the truth is that it has actually brought a lot more complications to this newly emerging niche. You will realize that the commands that run on one device are completely different and not compatible at all with another. And some devices can only support certain software and not others. This is not only frustrating but also likely disappointing to the consumer, which might easily lead to an indifferent attitude towards its use. This is one of the problems the tech community seeks to alleviate and is something we hope will be addressed in the coming years, more so because this is an emerging tech that looks really promising. But until that time comes when a standard code of commands will be established, consumers will just have to bear with the prevailing conditions of the status quo.

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Another serious concern that has popped up is the motive behind the introduction of this new mode of technology because as we all know companies will never introduce a tech out of the “kindness of their hearts” for the sake of consumers all for free. This means that if they are making so much investments to trying to make such a big change in this newly emerging field and mode of interaction. There is no doubt regarding the fact that they are collecting our data but what is the motive behind this. This is without doubt a serious concern in terms of privacy and if we are going to entrust companies with our data then the least we should expect is the privacy of our identity and safety. In the long run it will all have to come down to what we chose to entrust with our personal information. In as much as big companies such as google through their google assistant can comfortably finance their own development and same case when it comes to smart home through the google home and amazon’s amazon Alexa, there has been previous concerns after users started reporting the voice assistant giving recommendations to specific stores which is a sign of the dreaded advertising. This greatly putting people off regarding the use of voice assistants as well as introduction into their personal lives.

Another serious concern that has gradually been on the rise in relation to the wide spread use and application of voice assistants has been the gradual monopolization of certain applications. In as much as google and Amazon has brought on board partners in a bid to make their voice assistants and voice usage more efficient and effective this means that when it comes to the provision of certain services they will directly link you up to one of the said partners this means that the smaller and less robust companies say a music app is less likely to get usage. There by resulting to the default apps being the likes of Spotify and Uber, when say the user wants to listen to music or has the intention of knowing the means of travelling from one point to another. In as much as some of the applications tend to be difficult to integrate for one reason or the other that leaves room for some of the more established applications to thrive , this means that without use and integration it might gradually push some of the already existing businesses out of market leading to a monopoly in the services being provided, and the worst thing about having a monopoly is that the consumers are left without freedom which may likely lead to compromise in the quality of service being provided.  Also the overall influence on our daily lives and way of doing things is something to seriously think about, so in relation to the default service provision apps, it would be best if they left the options open to users as opposed to setting fixed default apps.

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns in final analysis has got to be trust. It’s clear that one way or another they are getting so much data from us and it is through this data that they are bringing all the comfort and convenience, in as much as we like the convenience of hands free operations , is it really worth the privacy. The sensitivity of it is something that is meant to be given a lot of thought to and in the end it should be something meant to serve us in the best way without endangering our privacy. In a comprehensive and perhaps all rounded approach towards this, there are a few changes we need to make and there are factors we need to consider as we adopt voice assistance. It needs to be regulated to ensure it operates within the confines of the law without infringing on the rights of people especially privacy as has been the biggest concern in recent times.

In final analysis in relation to voice assistance and emerging tech behind it , the plan behind it is something noble and there is no doubt that in the near future majority of these concerns will have been addressed and they will be operating  at optimum conditions. It is exciting to see the interesting turn of events and how the competition will play out before the lead voice search app emerges.

When it comes to the emergence and popularity of voice based searches, there has been a shift from the norm which was simply typing down word by word to get the end result. Over time a lot has changed from the mundane typing. This has been in the onset of hands free control and has gone a long way in ensuring that user experience is enhanced. Recent studies have showed that there has been a steady and credible increase in the use of voice assistant as well as voice searches among mobile users. This means that in the near future the use of voice searches is likely to follow a growth trajectory. This is both exciting for mobile developers and this means that a lot of opportunities will come along with it. In terms of marketing voice search and search engine optimization tools will very likely emerge this is because the mode used to search and return queries is likely very different and as a result of this a different approach is likely going to have to be adopted. The excitement behind the whole interface that enables curious users to go straight ahead and explore what the voice search options have to offer.

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One of the reasons why now is one of the best times to join in and restructure your voice search optimization strategies is because the strategies used in optimizing your chances of appearing top are different from those used in typing. This means that one can easily restructure their product to not just appear top but to also get a head start in this revolution. Some of the reasons why voice based searches have become so popular is the ease of it. convenience and to some extent the current generation is a bit lazy compared to all previous ones. To take advantage of this means that users are more often than not able to operate the phones hands free as well as get a lot more done by saving a lot of time when it comes to the time one spends in looking for something online. It has made life considerably easier. When it comes to the idea of not only generating traffic but also retaining credible customers , then developing great strategies in relation to optimizing your search results is important more so when it comes to understanding how the algorithms play in.

Looking at the recent turn of events and how they have played out, during product launch and demos it is not hard to see why they have gained so much traction. The advantage of working with technology is that it is ever evolving and when it comes to successful marketing strategies it all comes down to how much one is willing to adapt to change.

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