How To Drive Traffic With A Zero Marketing Budget (2019)

How to Drive Traffic with a Zero Marketing Budget

We all know quite alright how difficult it is to get a business off the ground most especially when do not have resources to grow such a business. Well, I brought us the good news, in today’s edition of our digital marketing training I’ll be showing us how to drive tons of traffic to our website without having to spend a dime. For those of us with a low marketing budget who are so bothered on how to go about launching a new marketing campaign. Well, I guess after reading through this article, you may have to reconsider diverting your funds to some other aspects of your business that needs growth rather than spending it on a marketing campaign you could do yourself.

Here is how to go about driving traffic to your website –

Revamp Your Website SEO Issues

If you are a start-up or better still if you are not really getting the desired results in your business, search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing just to mention a few, will primary remain one the means with which we can drive traffic to our website most especially when we haven’t done enough awareness to drive-in some audience. There is an SEO formula which has been existing for decades, both most of us seem not to be aware of it and I’ll love to share that with us.

Great content = Audience = Advertisement = Return on Investment

Poor Content = No Audience = Advertisement = No Returns on Investment

Take note of the above formula, as I have always said great contents will always win. However, irrespective of how great the content is, what is the use when we can’t even get it to our target audience? Fixing our SEO issues will help us to generate audience which solves the first equation above which is exactly what we all want. Now, how do we go about fixing our website SEO issues? Here is how

  • Let’s repair all our website broken links, WordPress plugin such Broken Link Checker should help with that.
  • We need to optimize our website for speed, if any of our website load very slowly, it will increase bounce rate which will ultimately lead to a decrease in conversion rate ( simply put, ROI)
  • Upgrade your old contents, it is one of the easiest ways to drive in more traffic.

Leverage on link Building and Social media

One of the easiest ways to generate traffic to any website is to get as many websites linked to it, one of the easiest ways to go about doing this is to publish your contents on forums such as Quora, Nairaland and any other popular forums we know. Publishing a duplicate of our write-ups on forums might help people solve their problems, and once we are able to solve people’s problems, we are creating audiences and linking back to our website which is one of the criteria used by search engines such as Google to rank websites during a word search.

We could also leverage on social media for traffic and sales, each time we publish, we must ensure that they get shared on every of our social media platform. Also when you publish,  make sure you only share a snippet of the write up on social media and be sure we leave links below the post so as to enable visitors to link to our website so as to finish up on reading the write-up. The more people link to our website, the more search engines such as Google and the likes tend to ranks us higher during word searches related to our blog post.

Promote your page two contents

Brian Dean and Backlinko both of whom are one of the finest digital marketing industry leaders said this and I quote, ‘the best place to hide a dead body is the second page of the Google search engine or the first page of Bing’. This simply implies that if any our post still ranks on the Google search engine second page, then we need to upgrade them as soon as possible.

Online tools such as Google Keyword planner and can help us know where we rank on some keywords and we can pull such pages up higher during search by incorporating and linking them up with the help of Google search console which enables Google to crawl a website better.

Engage your audience live on social media

Making a live video is one of the easiest ways to connect with our target audience most especially our followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The good thing is, most of these features can be used for free on this platforms. Engage your audience live on social media and answers any of their questions, this makes them feel belong.

  Other ways to drive traffic

  • Restructure your website for fluidity, this gives your visitors the flexibility to explore and navigate better through your content
  • Let’s try as much as possible to be more fun, we can digress a little bit from being serious all the time, we could post something fun, something different from what we post  normally
  • We could also reach out to PR’s, the thing with PR’s is some of this guys might be willing to help promote our content either through backlinks or any other white hat means for free. So let’s give it a try.
  • Offers freebies such as free e- books, software’s free to people for download, we call this lead magnet, and we’ll be discussing that in one of our coming posts.

In conclusion, getting people to visit our website is not something out of the box. It’s all about time, focus, commitment, and continuous learning. Update yourself on daily basis, because the technique that works today, might become obsolete tomorrow. Also, if we are really keen on getting results, we must ensure that we apply every the tactic we learn and be consistent with them. Within the next 30 days, we should be at least be able to fix our website SEO issues and afterward continue with the implementation of the other strategies listed above.

Hope this information was useful for you. We will keep coming up with more valuable content.
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Thank you so much for your time.

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