How to do SEO with Site Structure (2019)

How to do SEO with Site Structure (2019)

Many people are still trying to understand and figure out how they can do SEO of their website with proper site structure. Are you looking for the answer, its right here.

So, Neil Patel in one of his blog post on Kissmectrics said and I quote, every website stand a higher chance of ranking high in a search engine provided the website is structurally designed with features that support SEO.

Every website we see these days comes with one structure or the other depending on the preference of the owner and what the website does. Sites come with various structural designs, some come rigorous while other comes streamlined.

But if you can be meticulous and careful enough when designing your website layout you stand a higher chance of ranking organically than someone with a disorganised website with pages jumbled all together.

In today’s article, I will be showing us how to create the perfect site structure that will resonant with our users.

I will also be giving tips on how we can get our website crawled and indexed better by search engines robot with a perfect site structure.

Now before we delve in too much on how to go about creating the perfect site structure. Let me quickly intimates us with some of the pros of having a perfect site structure

Pros of having a site with good site structure

  • An awesome site structure simply implies a great user experience. The more appealing your website is to we human the  more appealing it becomes to search  engine such as Google  as it uses website user experience as one of its criteria while ranking websites during search queries
  • With a great site structure, your bounce rate will be greatly reduced as users tend to spend more time surfing through pages of your website.
  • With a great site structure your websites get often crawled by search engines

Cons of not having a good site structure

  • Bounce rate will skyrocket to more than 80% in no time
  • Such a website might not  rank high organically

Having known this, am sure we should now be aware of the significance of a good site structure to our business. Now let’s get back to the business of the day, now here is how to go about creating the perfect site structure for your website.

Hierarchy  development should come before web development

Now, here is the common mistake most people make. A lot of people tend to delve straight into development without first taking out some time to carve out the hierarchy of how the website should look.

We should at least have a mental picture of how the site should look and pen it down on a white board. There are a lot of software’s that can help with the developing of a site structure.

Google Spreadsheet, and Visio just to mention a few should get you the job done. Generally, most site structure takes the form in the picture below.

Hierarchy development should come before web development
Photo credit: Moz

Basically, on any website, you will have headings and sub headings. Here is how to go about creating the perfect heading and sub heading.

It must be simple and logical

Simplicity is the key, do not over complicate your website with too many headings and sub headings. Every of your headings should be distinct and unique. Every sub category should at least have a relationship with the main category under which it is listed.

Keep the numbers down

Unless you are the number of headings should at least be a minimum of two and a maximum of seven. If your website main heading is more than seven.

Then, we need to find a way to streamline it down to less than seven or at most seven. And we must do it in a way that will not jeopardize the overall objective of the website.

Keep the number of sub headings even

Be sure that there is a balance in the number of  sub heading. This concept has been clearly depicted in the picture given above by Moz

Be sure the site URL structure is in line with the site navigational  hierarchy 

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 2.41.22 PM
Photo credit: Kissmetrics

Let’s say the above diagram is my site structure. Then my URL(s) should be in the form

Now, this is how my site URL should look. This simply implies that my URL will always come with real words without symbols.
Doing this make the website more user friendly and Google often leverage on user experience in ranking most of the time.

Develop your site navigational systems with HTML or CSS

Be sure to develop your website navigation with HTML or CSS as it gives more flexibility to search engines to index your website better. Developing a website navigation with Java and Ajax just to mention a few, sometimes impedes the ability of search engines to properly crawl a site. Take note of this

Shallow depth site structure is preferred

While developing header for our website, we should be sure that the header describes and summarise the website. I should contain a list of the main headings or pages and it must be as shallow as possible. Doing this prevents contents from staying buried during search engine query.

A website with a deep site structure impedes crawling be a search engine. Even from user’s perspective, most users prefer to surf through websites with shallow depth navigation structure as it gives more fluidity during query/surfing.

Be sure to link several pages of your website

The following reasons are why internal link building is very important

  • It gives the flexibility of navigating better  through a website
  • Internal links building is one the criteria considered by search engines while ranking during a search query.

You do not need to go complicated with this, just be sure to have links on the website that will take user to some parts of the website.

In summary

  • Leverage on hierarchy development
  • Leverage on user-friendly URL(s)
  • Develop your site navigational systems with HTML or CSS
  • Shallow depth site structure is preferred
  • Be sure to link several pages of your website (Internal link building )

The best time to go about creating a decent site structure is before development. After development, we can now proceed with implementation of the site structure through development. There are a lot of things that comes to play while optimising a website for a search engine, site structure has some important role to play and that’s why it must be done properly. Please do well to subscribe to our mailing list for more marketing tips.

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Hope this information was useful for you. We will keep coming up with more valuable content.
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