9 All Time SEO Techniques (2019) That Guarantees Higher Rankings

9 SEO Techniques That Guarantees Higher Ranking

Have you ever wondered why the frequency of accident is quite of low on aircraft as compared with other means of transportation? Well, I guess the answer is not that far-fetched before any aircraft takes off, it is mandatory the pilot in charge run through a certified and standardised checklist of major aspect of the aircraft so as to ensure the smooth take-off and landing of the aircraft at the destined location.  

This same principle can be applied to content writing as well, the major reason why our contents are not ranking so well on search engines is because most of the time we learn and apply the wrong SEO tactics gotten from bunch of folks looking to get some attention in the industry. In this write-up, I will be taking us through a certified checklist of tips on how to rank so high on search engine with your next blog posts.

Write with  keywords that are getting hits

Here is the mistake a lot of us kept making, you do not just pick a phrase as your keyword just because its sounds so nice and pleasing to the ear when choosing your keywords. You must be sure you are using keywords that are getting hits on search engines. Now a lot of folks would be like, how do I know a particular keyword is getting hits on search engines? Well, technology and google ‘the father of all website ‘as pretty made this so easy. One of the easiest and ways to go about this is to use the Google Keyword Planner, a free online tool that gives access to metrics on how people are searching for a particular keyword or related key phrases on the internet, doing this should guide you on the choice of keyword for any of your write up.

Research your keyword

Now let’s proceed, you choose your keywords just because they are getting hits on search engines, and this implies that a lot of folks must have written stuff related to your keywords. Now here is how to have a completive edge with your chosen keywords. The first thing to do is to search the internet with Google on what people writing about that particular keyword you have chosen, but make sure that you are browsing private( Incognito) from your browser such that google will not have any influence on your results based on your browsing history. Ignoring all ads on google first page, go through all the contents displaced on the Google first page. Check out what they are missing out, this should give you an idea of how to write a better content than any of your competitors.

Write a compelling content

Having known the areas in which the keywords of your competitors is tailored towards, you can then proceed to writing a relevant and compelling contents, go beyond what your competitors have in their write ups, such that any of your visitors will be voluntarily compelled to subscribe to your email list. Writing relevant and compelling articles is one of the easiest and the fastest way to generate traffic organically to your website, so put much of your energy to doing this.

Include  your keyword in your title page

Try as much as possible that your keyword reflects in your title page, and be sure that your title page is interesting and compelling to the ear. For instance, lets  I have two contents to open up while searching through google and the first title goes does, ‘how to become a billionaire’,  the second title reads,’ 10 things to do to become a billionaire in less than a year’. I would rather go with the latter because it sounds so pleasing and compelling to the ear.

Include Your Keywords In Your Header

Also make sure that your keywords reflect in your headers, in every of your subheadings and headings be sure that there is a signature of your keywords in it, doing this helps Google to index your website better and it also helps visitors to skim through your contents easily as it gives them the idea of how relevant your content is.

Include your keyword in the name and alt – tag of your images

This is also very important, be sure that keywords reflect in the uploaded images to your website. Always rename your image with your keywords as it will give you the competitive of edge to ranking. Also include your keywords in your image alt tag such that in cases where pictures fail to load, the alt tag will automatically be displayed.

Include your keyword in your URL and post

Another way to ensure that Google index your website as often as possible is to include snippets of your keyword in your URL and blog post. Be reminded that on a single search for any particular word with google, it searches through your entire website contents inclusive of your URL. Be sure you are not over stuffing keywords in your contents as this may have a ripple effect on your ranking. A 1-3% keyword density should be ideal for any of your contents.

Insert internal Links

When writing, make sure you are making references to some other aspects of your blog, why would anybody care if you are not making references to some of your best contents? Doing this ensures that you feed your visitors with as much relevant content as possible

External link building is germane

When google index your website, it ranks you based on what others are saying about your website. You might need to consult some other website owners or bloggers on link building to your website if you cannot get this done organically, one of the easiest ways to go about this is to go any of the popular freelance websites such as Upwork and fiver. I am sure you’ll find bloggers and freelancers whom you can pay a token for linking building to your website.

The profile of the website or blog that build links to your website is also of great significance. When Forbes build links to your website, search engines will rank you higher than when a website or blog with lesser repute and traffic build links to your website.

If you really desire to have your contents rank so high on Google and other search engines then, the need for you to completely implement all the above SEO tactics to all your contents and blog posts. For regular updates on the late and trending marketing and SEO techniques, please endeavour to subscribe to our email list.

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