2019’s Search Engine Marketing Via Experts At Webricots

2018’s Search Engine Marketing Via Experts At Webricots

The search engine optimization rules are changing constantly. If you not have sufficient time to put up with those changes, you should only hire an expert SEO agency to make your online presence relevant or effectively drive organic traffic to your website. Webricots is among the top SEO agencies that keep track of the current trends in order to adjust their client’s marketing plan profitably.

Following columnist Bryson Meunier’s argument, marketers can perform better in helping online searchers to find exactly what they are looking for through understanding voice search nuances. Voice search optimization requires slightly different SEO tactics from those of the conventional text-based SEO and every SEO expert who wants to provide an excellent experience for voice searches should have a deep insight of these developments. I will share with you several search engine optimization trends you should pay close attention to in order to comfortably cope with the recent technological advances in SEO:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) reinforces most search aspects

Does Rank Brain sound familiar to you? Rank Brain is basically the machine learning system of Google that helps in processing the PC users search results. It’s now two years old since its inception. Since its launch, it has changed from just handling 15% of the total search queries to handling 100% search queries.

Google seems to be at the forefront of search engines with an immense machine learning capacity and it recently confirmed that Rank Brain is the third ranking factor. Therefore, it’s definitely an added advantage if you become an expert.

So, why is Rankbrain so relevant in today’s SEO?

Google’s Rank Brain simply evaluates the interaction between PC users and the search results in order to index them accordingly.

For instance, let’s say you’ve searched for the best Pizza restaurant in Pittsburg, Google will feature only content that is indexed in the Search engine’s first page. In most cases, you are most likely to click on the first result on the page. In case you find out that the content is terrible, you’ll promptly hit the back arrow and click on the #4th or #5th result and probably spend a little more time there if you land on value-adding content.

Now, what does this mean?

In the above example, this is what happened; Rank Brain made 2 observations:

You have hit the back arrow instantly meaning that the blog is not up-to standard.

You took longer reading content in the #4th index meaning that the articles were worth reading. In case Rank Brain realized that the same thing happened time after time from other users, the content at #1 will automatically be degraded while # 5th content will get upgraded. It’s just that simple.

Hence it is clear that Rank Brain focuses on two major things

  • The Pc users Dwell time on your page
  • The percentage of visitors that click on your page

Therefore, to boost your page rank there are two things you can do:

  1. Begin by creating in-depth value adding content
  2. Make your post as attractive as possible by the use of powerful words.

With the rate at which technological advancements are taking root, artificial intelligence tactics are constantly changing means of ranking search results. So, it’s now up to the SEO experts to make every effort to acclimatize to these changes. Create appealing, in-depth and value adding content.

So what does Dwell time mean?

It’s basically the actual time the online users spend at your page before they turn to SERPs page. Most of the PC users tend to spend more time on a page where they find valuable information and if more users do the same, Google automatically takes that search result as being a content rich page.  From a recent study, Google’s Dwell time that accredits top indexes is 3min 10 sec. in-depth and comprehensive blog content is the best way to boost Dwell time, I cannot emphasize that enough. Keep that in mind.

  • Increased visibility using snippet features

SERP features are clearly the next big deal for successful SEO strategies 2018. This is going to be fatal since SERP features are capturing the PC users attention as well as clicks from the organic listing. Following Stone Temple’s recent research, about 30% of the search queries on Google have featured snippets.

You may be wondering, What is Snippet Feature?

Now, a Snippet is basically a kind of rich search result or an answer that has been directly derived from your website and is displayed at the top of every other related results for that search query. The most interesting bit is that it will provide a back link to your website.

For the best results the SERPs for Google’s search engines are changing speedily. The dramatic changes have occurred previously in the past which has contributed to the present advancements in search results. By the rate search engines like Google are effecting updates, we can expect even more tremendous changes in the near future.

Why is the Snippet feature so relevant?

If you are serious about driving free or organic traffic to your site today, you need to pay close attention to the snippet feature.

Here is the reason:

Let’s be honest, if you made a random search query and you get a list of the top 10 Google’s results, most probably you will end up clicking the first or top SEERPs. The snippet feature usually drives traffic to the site with the most relevant content.

I will share with you 4 effective steps of getting featured snippets for your website

  • Be sure to provide clear and straightforward answers to search queries
  • Create value-adding content that goes beyond direct and flat answers
  • Make your website user-friendly
  • Evaluate the frequently asked queries and offer clear and direct answers.

Time for keyword stuffing is long gone. It’s time to focus on giving in-depth and content rich articles.

  • Get ready for Mobile-first index

It already sounds overwhelming, right? But do not be scared, there is still sufficient time to concentrate on mobile first index. The Google web master trend analyst Gary illyes has confirmed that the mobile-first index will be rolled out during this first quarter of 2018. This is a very calculated move since a recent study shows that about 64% traffic is from mobile users.

Mobile devices are mostly preferred over PCs since they make internet accessibility fast. This only means that local SEO is increasingly becoming popular. This presents a grand opportunity especially to the E-commerce sector. Many brands will be able to market their businesses at local contexts.  Voice search optimization growth is also among the reason why mobile searches have increased at such an alarming rate. Good thing, this has also increased action based searches that means more sales to the business industry.

Google  advises SEO experts to switch their m-dot domain to a responsive form prior to mobile-first index roll out. Don’t wait till the last minute.

Here are 2 effective steps of Mobile First Index that will help you boost your Search Results:

Step 1: Make your content visible to mobile users.

I’m sure you’ve encountered this; some web pages provide more details on the PC and lesser details on the phone. This happens when the website owner decides to make webpage features lesser useful with a phone version. This can be extremely limiting and this practice will make it extremely difficult for your website to rank as soon as Google divulges its first Mobile First Index algorithm. Your concealed content will automatically go unnoticed by Google and eventually have detrimental effects on your SEO strategies 2018.So, make an effort to make your content equally available on both PC desktops and mobile devices.

Step 2: convert your M-dot website to a responsive site

Google has confirmed that they won’t index the m-dot but will just interpret m-dot url, however actual indexing will be performed.

Look! Once you have successfully converted m-dot to create a responsive website, Google will not have to index anything but will simply update its algorithm such that your website is approved as being mobile friendly and you will be in a better position.

But, if you are planning to update your site after the roll out has taken place, this will mean that Google will take relatively longer to position your site. Why? This is because the search engine will not only have to update your URL but to also navigate through your page to analyze content. The worst would be when an error occurs navigating your content.

In a simpler version, begin working on your website ASAP so as to convert it into a responsive version.

What does a responsive website mean by the way? It’s website that is consistent in all electronic gadgets from mobile phones, tablets and desktops. Meaning, if anyone visists your webpage from the phone or a laptop, they will get the exact same useful content.

Assessing if your website is mobile friendly

It’s simple. Get a Google recommended tool that will help to analyze your website and evaluate if your site is really valid or mobile friendly.

  • Move with the current trends and Get Videos

Majority of the SEO experts have discovered that building countless back links to your site alone are not enough. What matters most is creating comprehensive, useful content for your visitors. Creating a video that is related to the content-rich blog is another great move. It will contribute to driving massive traffic to your website and hence it should be in the bucket list of your 2018 SEO strategies.

If you haven’t been creating videos to compliment your content, start today. Online videos are becoming an in-thing in the most effective SEO strategies. As a matter of fact, Google says that online videos will cover up to 67% of the total traffic by the time 2018 ends. That is the reason as to why Facebook has made a move of segregating into its online video sharing platform.

  • How to effectively make content-related video to boost traffic in SEO strategies 2018

If you have decided to finally create videos related to your content-rich blogs, You-tube is the way to go. It is ranked as second-best and therefore it can hardly go unnoticed. Even more interesting, it’s possible to monetize your You Tube channel so that you can make income at the same time. So, it all adds up.

Just like most online marketing platforms, You Tube is growing at an alarming rate. Vast numbers of online users are spending more time on You-tube now than ever before. Precisely, the users of You Tube have increased by 57% since last year. Bear in mind that Google has begun integrating You Tube results in indexing search results. The reason behind this major development is perhaps due to the huge increase in social media platforms for sharing video.

  • Voice search optimization and Virtual ore digital assistants

It is now old news about the upsurge of voice search optimization with the increased use of mobile phones. Voice search optimization is among the top technological advancements that seem to be really promising.

Google’s most recent report states that about 40% adults and 55% teenagers make voice search queries every day. As a matter of fact, Andrew ng Principal Scientist at Baidu has ascertained that by 2020, about 50% of the total searches will be voice searches.  A wide range of virtual assistance gadgets such as Amazon Alexa, Coertana, Goigle Now, Siri and Google home have been launched to support voice search queries.

This simply shows how important voice search is and it may eventually take over the e-commerce market if the trend continues. If you have still haven’t begun making moves for optimizing your website for voice search, start now.

Voice search technology is likely to eventually change the communication and research process. Online searchers are hungry for quick, straightforward and relevant answers to their queries. Hence, it is important to factor in a question and provide a direct answer for the same. Consider the frequently asked questions so that you can focus on only what is relevant. Remember to include long-tail keywords and use conversational colloquial tones that people often use while speaking.

The above strategies’ will help you to boost your performance on search engines bearing in mind that SEO strategies have changed. Do not forget to do link building throughout your Search Engine Optimization practices as it is not likely to go anywhere soon regardless of the many changes that have occurred in the SEO industry. But, only add links that are relevant to your content or niche.

Hope this information was useful for you. We will keep coming up with more valuable content.
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Thank you so much for your time.

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